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Please search for an address to check if it's in the nearmap coverage area.

About this tool

This interactive finder only shows existing PhotoMap coverage. To see the update schedule you should download the document below.

PhotoMaps Coverage (PDF)

About our coverage

We fly very frequently and continually increase our PhotoMaps™ coverage. Our Coverage Map shows both existing and planned coverage. Keep up to date with our coverage updates by following us on Twitter or Google+. Nearmap customers can also subscribe to coverage updates for specific regions.

How often do we fly?

We add new PhotoMaps™ for Australian capital cities regularly, subject to weather and other conditions. The resolution is typically 7.5cm, although we might fly at much higher resolution for special events. Take a look at our Coverage Map for update frequency and other information.

Outside city coverage

We typically update populated areas on the outskirts of cities at least once a year. Please see our scheduled PhotoMaps™ coverage for more information.

Twitter feed of latest coverage updates

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