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Nearmap delivers the most current, high-resolution aerial imagery of urban and regional metro areas in Australia. Remotely view and inspect your work site from any device,
and turn aerial maps into a powerful project management tool.

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Save time and inspect locations remotely

Nearmap's highly detailed visual and topographical content allows you to accurately survey and measure a location in the fraction of the time it takes to do it physically on site. Save not only the time spent on site, but also reduce the travel time to each location.

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Make better informed decisions

With Nearmap, you can make detailed inspections and confident decisions about a site without having to be physically present. Timely, accurate and reliable information can make or break a project so get in touch now to find out how Nearmap can help you make better decisions remotely, with confidence.

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Reduce risk

When decisions involve the safety of staff, customers and the public, the impact of inaccurate information can go beyond monetary costs. High-resolution, up-to-date imagery enables businesses to identify and prepare for hazards, check access and plan with confience before they commence work, significantly improving work safety.

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Save money on site visits

Turn travel time back into productive work time and both save and make money.

Did you know that one employee on an average salary of $50,000 making two hour-long site visits per day could cost up to $12,000 per year in employee and travel costs?

With Nearmap you can replace some of those visits with remote site assessments. Explore our calculator to find out how much you could save.

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Monitor and Validate

Effectively monitor projects to ensure they're on track and validate data from the past and 3rd party sources.

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Prepare Quotes and Estimates

Reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare quotes and estimates quickly and with confidence.

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Generate New Business

Find sites that are fit for my products and services quickly and with confidence.

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Plan and Inspect

Create detailed plans by accessing more vivid and recent information about your location of interest.

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Assess Risk

Assess Risk by having access to current and historic high quality visuals and estimation tools.

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Communicate & Visualise

Communicate effectively to colleagues or customers with high quality imagery and relevant information.

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