The Benefits of using Nearmap

At Nearmap, we capture, process and deliver aerial imagery frequently and at high resolution. Because we make it easy to access through any web browser on any device, anywhere in the world, we give our users the ability to virtually visit a location and save the time and cost of a physical visit.

Capturing imagery since 2007, we have a detailed archive of historic imagery that can be accessed instantly, allowing not just the ability to inspect a location but also analyse how it has changed over time. Some of the key benefits that Nearmap provides to businesses are:


Making better informed decisions

With the ability to survey a location in high resolution, and see how a location has changed, users can obtain important insights that are impossible with just a physical site visit. The detailed aerial view enables the reduction of not only physical site risks but the risk of making an important business decision without all the necessary information. For example, being able to see how shadowing impacts a site at various times of year or if the site is prone to flooding.

Adding Professionalism to communications

One of the most effective ways to communicate a point of view is to visualise it. Nearmap users find that high resolution imagery in reports, tenders, proposals and presentations not only clearly demonstrates the location in question but the quality and recency add an extra level of professionalism that’s difficult to match.

Improving workflow

Improving workflow efficiency

Once customers begin to experience Nearmap imagery and the MapBrowser tools, they often realise that they can streamline their existing workflows. From reducing the need to travel out to site to being able to directly integrate Nearmap imagery into GIS and CAD applications, Nearmap users are always finding new ways of using this unique content to refine their business processes.


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Customer References verified by TechValidate.


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Customer Survey verified by TechValidate.


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