Generating leads using Nearmap


Generate new business opportunities by having instant access to conducive site insights.

With Nearmap you can


Identify areas sites that have potential business opportunities

Cross reference different data layers to effectively focus your research and prospecting efforts and find new areas with great potential

Assess business potential of a prospective site

Estimate a site value by seeing what positive and negative attributes are currently on the ground and estimate the property value by looking at historical site information and nearby sales

Never miss out on new opportunities

Be notified as soon as new images of an area or address are published, so you don’t miss out on any new business

Data overlays on an aerial map

You can also


Start planning early and accurately without being physically present

Be able to conduct an initial site survey and start master planning, before taking imagery into CAD program, for more in-depth planning

Remove or eliminate the risk of injury

Get a better overview of the land and access any potential on-site hazards remotely from your desktop or mobile device

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Main features

Discover the Nearmap tools and features designed to help you generate new leads



Data Overlays

Select your demographic criteria to overlay data and create visual HotSpots on Nearmap imagery. Use these to filter properties and areas to only those of interest to you.


Property Reports

Our comprehensive market data includes all past sales and listings history for the target property and all other sales in the area. 



View your location of interest as it is today, as it was last month or last year. With instant access to timeline support, you can observe a site and environmental changes, measure the effect of weathering, track seasonal growth or shadowing.

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High Resolution

At an average resolution of around 7cm, Nearmap imagery is up to 6 times more detailed than satellite imagery. This level of detail means you can more accurately measure an assess a site remotely and with confidence.

What our customers say


“Nearmap made it easy for our business development team to develop a strategy which outlined which areas and routes to target

Doug Newnham | IT Manager | Tasty Trucks


Golder Associates     Public transport authority     Water     Western Power     Cardno

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