Planning and inspecting with Nearmap


Get a vivid and timely understanding of the area you’re interested in

to start planning & inspecting immediately with confidence.

With Nearmap you can


Complete a site assessment and get accurate measurements remotely

Avoid delays and specialist fees and be confident you will get accurate measurements and site assessment of remote destinations.

Improve on-site productivity and reduce time on site

With an easy access to current and historical imagery, measurement tools and data overlays you can identify historical landmarks, note locations of points of interest, determine site accessibility and reduce potential bottlenecks when on site.

Remove or eliminate the risk of injury

Get a better overview of the land and access any potential on-site hazards remotely from your desktop or mobile device.


You can also


Start planning early and accurately without being physically present

Be able to conduct an initial site survey and start master planning, before taking imagery into CAD program, for more in-depth planning

Turbocharge your visual intelligence

Make a quick assessment of an area by zooming in and out in order to get necessary information to start to plan infrastructure and city development

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Main features

Discover the Nearmap tools and features designed to help you plan and inspect



Site Planner

Plan your next project with a powerful suite of business-ready tools that enables you to annotate Nearmap imagery by adding notes, shapes and images. Highlight specific areas, add notes, or use the library of real-world objects to design a site-plan.

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Measurement Tools

A comprehensive suite of integrated measurement tools makes it easy to calculate distance and area. Included path, radius and elevation tools complete the kit, making it possible to produce a detailed survey without leaving the office.

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View your location of interest as it is today, as it was last month or last year. With instant access to timeline support, you can observe a site and environmental changes, measure the effect of weathering, track seasonal growth or shadowing.

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Save Image

Export high-resolution images of your location of interest to enhance presentations and communicate more effectively. Choose a projection and georeference file to import into your GIS application of choice.

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What our customers say


“Using Timeline, we can inspect images of the same site, months or years apart, on a single screen, and have a good idea of the impact on water-ways, for example, or native vegetation

Shellie Humphries | Senior Environment Protection Officer at IDU | EPA

“The benefit of Nearmap is that, when we’re creating detailed planning-permit applications, we can get critical information about the site by going back there, virtually, as many times as we need to.”

Steve Schutt | Landscape Architect and Company Director | hansen partnership


Golder Associates     Public transport authority     Water     Western Power     Cardno

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