Quoting and estimating with Nearmap


Quickly and accurately estimate and quote a potential job by being able

to see what’s on the ground now.

With Nearmap you can


Decrease turnaround time significantly

Instantly access visuals of any object on the ground, calculate distances and get accurate dimensions remotely from your desktop or mobile device

Estimate the quantity and adapt designs

Estimate volume, determine the quantity of the material needed for the job and adapt designs to the correct level of accuracy without having to step a foot on site

Prepare Solar Panel installation quotes with ease

Plan and visualise detailed solar panel installations with location-aware power calculations from a huge suite of virtual panels. Create detailed, client ready reports.


You can also


React quickly to any change in your client’s requirements

Without having to go on site and manually remeasure, access all the updated information you need to amend your proposal from the comfort of your office chair

Stand out from your competitors

Differentiate yourself from your competitors and generate high-end digital quotes enhanced with aerial imagery and virtual placement of your products and assets.

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Main features

Discover the Nearmap tools and features designed to help you quote and estimate



Site Planner

Plan your next project with a powerful suite of business-ready tools that enables you to annotate Nearmap imagery by adding notes, shapes and images. Highlight specific areas, add notes, or use the library of real-world objects to design a site-plan.

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Measurement Tools

A comprehensive suite of integrated measurement tools makes it easy to calculate distance and area. Included path, radius and elevation tools complete the kit, making it possible to produce a detailed survey without leaving the office.

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View your location of interest as it is today, as it was last month or last year. With instant access to timeline support, you can observe a site and environmental changes, measure the effect of weathering, track seasonal growth or shadowing.

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Save Image

Export high-resolution images of your location of interest to enhance presentations and communicate more effectively. Choose a projection and georeference file to import into your GIS application of choice.

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What our customers say


We generated an overview based entirely on Nearmap imagery, and overlaid this with information provided by the suite of online tools to form a proposal, which we emailed to the client. The client was then able to do a desktop analysis, put together some budgets, and make an immediate decision. From our end, we had complete confidence in the information provided by Nearmap, which saved us the cost of having to fly people down to Adelaide. Overall, it was a very compact, easy and efficient solution, with the whole process taking a matter of hours

Richard Sheppard | Managing Director | National Height Safety and Access Solutions


Golder Associates     Public transport authority     Water     Western Power     Cardno

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