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Jag Traffic

Jag Traffic Increases productivity by 30%, reduces 90% unnecessary site visits, cuts significant travel costs, and enhances competitive edge with Nearmap.

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Clean Energy Regulator

With nearmap’s help, the Clean Energy Regulator has overhauled their small-scale technology certificate application process - resulting in a more efficient and accurate operation and a significant reduction in direct calls to clients, and costly on-site visits.

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EPA South Australia

EPA builds powerful surveillance platform and uncovers illegal dumping operations using Nearmap location content.

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Hansen Partnership

Hansen partnership expands insight into urban planning requirements, using Nearmap's aerial view.

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With Nearmap, NHSS takes operational efficiency to new heights ensuring customer satisfaction.

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With Nearmap's imagery, Powercor improves network design, boosts GIS accuracy and cuts site-visit costs.

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Roth Plumbing

Roth Plumbing cuts out the need to do on-site inspections to provide detailed quotes, minimising travel time, petrol costs, improving staff safety, and increasing business efficiency and accuracy.

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Sekisui House

Sekisui House adopts more effective ways of managing community development and discovers unexpected benefits.

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Tasty Trucks

Tasty Trucks uses Nearmap’s aerial imagery to create better targeted and efficient routes, as well as drive the company’s national expansion for rapid growth.

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Yarra Valley Water

Using Nearmap aerial imagery Yarra Valley Water settles disputes in minutes, boosts customer satisfaction, cuts site visits by 20% and achieves substantial annual savings each year.

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Absolute Building Consultancy

Absolute Building Consultancy Halves Time to Prepare Quotes, Enhances Planning Applications and Reduces Costs with Nearmap frequently updated aerial imagery

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