From solar power to 5G, aerial imagery transforms the way industries work

Sole traders, government organisations, and international brands recognise the value of location intelligence in making their best work a reality.

Aerial imagery is the new business intelligence

Aerial imagery used to be the stock and trade of a small cadre of geospatial specialists. But with the evolution of mapping technology, businesses are adopting location data for a wide range of applications. 


Formulate effective emergency response plans, visualise suburban change over time, plan and monitor large infrastructure projects, detect DA compliance issues, and get community buy-in for new initiatives.


Architecture, Construction, and Engineering

Conduct thorough virtual site surveys so you can compare before and after images for critical events, anticipate safety equipment needs, estimate materials requirements, plan heavy vehicle access points, and determine crane clearance requirements.



Streamline management of large telecommunications networks. With current, high resolution aerial imagery, you can keep track of your assets, allocate your field workforce efficiently, and plan 5G networks with reliable data. 


Plan and budget efficiently for capital works and maintenance programs with asset maps that are verified and up-to-date. View and inventory equipment remotely. Give staff mobile access to current imagery so they can respond quickly from out in the field.



Turn large-scale infrastructure challenges into manageable projects by using visual data to conduct accurate risk analysis, plan tower placement, ensure regulatory compliance, protect field assets, and keep all stakeholders informed during each stage of a project.



Inspect properties in detail, and educate the customer with clear, beautiful imagery. Measure the distance to nearby schools, parks, transit hubs, police stations, and shopping centres.



Verify data remotely to resolve customer inquiries in real time, provide stakeholders with clear aerial photos referenced by exact date and geolocation, and identify fraudulent claims by reviewing historical imagery.


Prospect more effectively, develop breathtaking proposals, and improve the overall design and implementation process. Inspect current roof conditions and measure roof pitch and area to determine panel requirements.


Deliver quotes with greater speed and accuracy by measuring roof pitch, roof area, and building heights in the browser. Remotely calculate labour, materials, and other costs. Verify roof and other structural details.