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Map, measure, monitor and share

Nearmap simplifies construction planning with detailed and precise site information, delivered to your desktop via high-resolution PhotoMaps™ technology. Map, measure, monitor and quickly share the progress of the build with all stakeholders. From bare-earth to finished asset, Nearmap captures every stage and builds a high-impact visual timeline of the progress of your entire development. Log on at any time and explore PhotoMapsTM to crystallise the visual detail and add professional finish to your reports, presentations and marketing.

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Track change over time with high-resolution Nearmap imagery

We fly often to ensure our high-resolution aerial imagery is always current, allowing you to access accurate visual information when you need it. What’s more, by providing a detailed timeline of past captures, we enable you to reference and record the entire sequence of change.

Nearmap has been capturing the landscape to accumulate a stock of high-resolution aerial images since 2009. Hundreds of published surveys, covering hundreds of thousands of square kilometres, are readily available to subscribers. Using the Nearmap Timeline, you gain an immediate, frame-by-frame account of location-specific change over time. Compare before and after images for critical events; track seasonal change; or monitor the rate of progress across a development.

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Site Planner

Plan your next project with a powerful suite of business-ready tools designed to help you quickly and easily plan your work site without having to travel there. Create, save and collaborate on projects with a simple and intuitive workflow.

Site Objects is a drawing tool that enables you to annotate Nearmap imagery by adding notes, shapes and images. Highlight specific areas, add notes, or use the library of real-world objects to design a site-plan.

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Measurement tools

A comprehensive suite of integrated measurement tools makes it easy to calculate distance and area. Included path, radius and elevation tools complete the kit, making it possible to produce a detailed survey without leaving the office.

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