Accurate location intelligence is critical to the sustainability of your territory

Accurate geospatial data is an indispensable tool for urban planning, emergency response, community engagement, and capital projects management.

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Put your initiatives and communities on the map

No matter how well-staffed your government agency is, it’s virtually impossible to keep track of everything happening on the ground. With high resolution aerial imagery of your government area updated regularly, you don’t have to be on the ground to monitor every project and issue. 
From mandating the inclusion of current location data in the DA approvals process, to monitoring large infrastructure projects with accurate aerial maps, to winning community approval for new projects with 3D reality models that bring your ideas to life, high quality aerial imagery is integral to the critical functions that drive government initiatives forward. 

Captured 13/01/2016
Yarloop WA

Formulate bulletproof emergency response plans

  • Plot emergency vehicle routes: view the best access points, coordinate response, identify the fastest routes to the rescue point, and assess potential obstructions.
  • Visualise line of sight with high-res DSM to identify likely sniper placement, or plan camera and surveillance points.
Captured 30/04/2018
Launceston, TAS

Plan smarter cities — on time and to budget

  • Plan strategically: Support up-zoning decisions, monitor evolving planning regulations, update CBD mapping, and document property changes over time
  • Scope major infrastructure proposals, and monitor long-term public works projects with imagery that’s regularly updated. 
Captured 18/08/2018
Kingsgrove NSW

Build engaged, healthy communities

  • Get community buy-in for large initiatives with ortho imagery to support marketing activity within the community, and 3D models show constituents what new projects will look like.
  • Keep track of possible contagious zones for infectious disease, and map out treatment centre locations to best serve the community. 
Captured 14/12/2017
Viveash, WA

Run effective DA oversight & respond quickly to community requests

  • Easily review DAs in the context of current surrounds, including 3D rendering to show context on amendment requests
  • Model what's approved vs. what's actually in progress, and model your previous approvals to understand which applications may have commenced construction
Captured 05/05/2018
Moore Park, NSW

Keep an eye on your property and infrastructural assets

  • Monitor asset locations, plan asset placements within the context of the current environment, and plan asset maintenance routes
  • Monitor illegal construction and dumping: analyse change over time scan for topographical abnormalities and unusual activity
  • Analyse changes in vegetation height and thickness to identify potential damage to or obstruction of existing assets
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Plan your community’s future in 3D

With nationwide 3D coverage that includes 58% of the Australian population, our high resolution DSM and textured mesh datasets allow you to view an accurate version of what’s happening in your cities and states, and plan large-scale projects with the contextual advantage of current reality. 
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No water contamination on their watch

The EPA of South Australia uses current, high-res aerial imagery to monitor and combat illegal dumping activity that threatens SA’s water supply. 
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Captured 28/08/2018
Southport, QLD

Join the mapping evolution

Up your aerial game and start working with high-res, current imagery of your work sites and properties. Get the advantage of premium geospatial content combined with world-class mapping software and integrations. 

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