Roofs are steep. Inspection and quoting costs shouldn’t be.

Commercial and residential roofers are improving their inspection and quoting process with aerial imagery, saving time and money on site visits, and remotely estimating materials and labour output.

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It’s easier to scale your roofing business when you’re not constantly scaling roofs

For roof repair and installation work, being able to quickly and accurately gather an initial set of measurements can mean the difference between winning the job or wasting time and money on yet another fruitless site visit. Improve your odds by replacing countless site visits with remote measurement and analysis using up-to-date, high resolution aerial imagery of your prospective roofs. Take traffic and risk out of the equation, and produce fast, accurate quotes and job plans with the power of location data. 

Captured 01/05/2018
Sylvania Waters, NSW

Harness and ladder? Yeah, nah.

  • Use high-res oblique imagery to accurately measure roof pitch and area, so you can deliver quotes and plan materials and labor, without setting foot on site. 
  • Measure building heights to plan equipment requirements before you start the job.  
Captured 17/07/2018
Runaway Bay, QLD

Lower your risk while raising your revenue

  • No more scrambling up steep roofs to gather initial measurements, or contracting expensive safety equipment just to get a quote that might not convert. 
  • Protect your installers and repair staff by understanding safety requirements before you arrive on site.
Captured 18/12/2015
Kurnell NSW

Quickly scout prospects across an entire region

  • With the ability to survey an entire neighbourhood, suburb, or even city in a few minutes, you can quickly develop market intelligence that will put you far ahead of competitors.
  • Develop a deep understanding of the prospect roof: missing or creased shingles, missing panels, prior repairs, or storm damage. 
Captured 14/11/2017
Joondanna, WA

Present your proposals beautifully

  • Export stunningly clear, recent imagery to showcase your proposals and recently completed jobs. 
  • Gather visual data to share with other stakeholders, including insurance inspectors and forensic engineers. 
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Inspect wisely

With high resolution Measurable Obliques, you can quickly measure roof pitch, roof area, and building heights in a few clicks. 
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Turning remote site assessments into revenue

Central Queensland roofing and plumbing experts Roth Plumbing maximised their staff resources by qualifying jobs from the office, resulting in more business won and less time lost.
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Captured 04/08/2018
Spring Farm, NSW

Join the mapping evolution

Up your aerial game and start working with high-res, current imagery of your work sites and properties. Get the advantage of premium location content combined with world-class mapping software and integrations. 

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