Turn on the juice for your solar business with aerial imagery

Replace endless site visits, and win more business while lowering costs.

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Stay on top of the competition

Literally. By integrating current, high-res aerial imagery of your residential and commercial markets into your workflow, you can prospect an entire region in a few hours; measure virtually to deliver fast, accurate quotes; and present your proposals in the context of beautiful, accurate aerial maps. 

Captured 17/04/2018
Bulgarra, WA

Prospect from the air

  • Canvass an entire neighbourhood or business district from your desk, viewing new developments, recent installations, and current roof conditions.
  • Compare historical with current imagery to understand trends and growth patterns, and identify new opportunities.
Captured 17/08/2018
Norman Park, QLD

Deliver faster, more accurate quotes

  • Quickly estimate materials & labor costs from the convenience of your office.
  • Focus on customer service, not data collection.
  • Respond to customers in real time. Finalise a quote over the phone, and start the job while your competitors are still driving out for an initial site visit.
Captured 14/12/2017
Joondanna, WA

Put site visits where they belong — in ancient history

  • Accurately measure roof pitch and area, building heights, radius, line, and width, right in your browser.
  • Assess in an hour what it would have taken an entire day of site visits to accomplish.
  • Stay off the roads, and save on petrol, insurance, and labor costs.
Captured 14/12/2017
Caversham, WA

Plan the job before you get there

  • Verify the details of the property, without visiting in person.
  • Check access points, view the current roof condition and materials, and estimate wiring distances.
  • Determine safety equipment requirements.
Captured 05/05/2018
Gordon, ACT

Let your work shine

  • Showcase your designs in the context of realistic, up-to-date, beautiful imagery.
  • Send customer proposals that add professional credibility and outshine the competition.
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Customer Story

Potential customers: 1.7M

South Australian company NRG Solar improved its sales conversion rate and reduced site visits by 25 hours a week with Nearmap. 
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Captured 26/09/2017
Hume, ACT

Join the mapping evolution

Up your aerial game and start working with high-res, current imagery of your work sites and properties. Get the advantage of premium location content combined with world-class mapping software and integrations. 

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