Nearmap simplifies construction planning with detailed and precise site information, delivered to your desktop via high-resolution PhotoMaps™ technology.


Plan and design using detailed and up-to-date site imagery, provide quicker turnaround on quotes and avoid unproductive travel time and integrate with GIS applications.


Improve planning and increase efficiency; track and assess the implications of changes over time; streamline customer service; gain detailed, accurate support for reports and surveys


Nearmap Insurance provides a detailed risk assessment without having to leave your desk. All the facts you need to cost a policy are only a keystroke away. 

Nearmap property combines Nearmap's high-resolution PhotoMaps™ aerial imagery with comprehensive market data to deliver a game-changing suite of products to property and real estate professionals.

Nearmap Solar enables you to find new prospects faster; prepare designs, installations, provide quotes from your desktop using virtual-panel placement, plus much more!

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