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Mr Shane Preston 
Executive Vice President, Sales - Australia

Shane Preston is Nearmap’s Executive Vice President of Sales for Australia. He is responsible for driving the business strategies and the commercial organisation to ensure continued revenue growth in the Australian market. He is based in Sydney and joined Nearmap in 2017.

Shane is passionate about making a tangible difference for customers through the deployment of technology as an enabler of innovation and competitive advantage.  Committed to leading teams for which a culture of continuous improvement and customer orientation are central themes, Shane's leadership style is one of taking a team on a journey to high performance.

Shane’s experiences in starting, evolving and growing businesses to achieve a position of market leadership comes from a basis of focusing on an outstanding customer experience.  But most importantly, everyone must be having a great time whilst doing it!

Shane’s experience starting, rapidly growing and exiting companies in the technology industry provides a unique perspective on organisational value maximisation.  With a background in subscription software in the Engineering, Big Data, Video and Manufacturing sectors, Shane is an enthusiastic supporter of Nearmap, its innovative offerings and core values.


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