Work with a better breed of aerial imagery

Business transformation begins with clear, accurate location data.

Understand what’s really happening on your work sites and properties.

Nearmap captures high resolution aerial maps of the cities and regions that house 88% of Australia’s population, and publishes fresh content up to six times a year. Imagery is instantly available in our MapBrowser web app or through simple API integration with leading GIS and CAD platforms. With three ways to view the world, Nearmap equips you with the location intelligence you need to make informed decisions and deliver superior outcomes.


  • Both Vertical and Panorama imagery are included in all Nearmap subscription packages. 
  • Nearmap Vertical is our original orthogonal imagery base layer, showing you a crystal-clear, top-down view covering Australia’s major urban and regional population centres.
  • Panorama provides a seamless mosaic of oblique images, and allows you to inspect locations from four directional aspects.
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Measurable Obliques

  • Measurable Obliques show you a gallery of individual oblique images from four directional aspects, capturing a high resolution view of the sides of buildings and other ground features.
  • Accurately measure building heights and widths, plus roof pitch and area. 
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  • Nearmap 3D provides instant access to photo-realistic models of Australia’s major cities, with wide-scale coverage that’s consistently high resolution
  • Nearmap DSM delivers an accurate, up-to-date elevation data set representing surface objects above bare terrain. Provisioned as a geo-referenced raster layer.
  • Nearmap textured mesh is a richly detailed, full colour 3D model that accurately represents reality, constructed from Nearmap’s high resolution oblique images.
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Explore imagery on your preferred platform

Whether you're a seasoned GIS analyst or just getting started with geospatial tools, we've got a solution to fit your needs. 


MapBrowser is an easy-to-use online mapping interface for desktop, tablet, and mobile. You can use MapBrowser to make virtual site visits, explore change over time, and overlay Census and cadastral data. MapBrowser includes premium features like measurement tools, imagery export, smooth pan and zoom, and a 10-year historical archive.

GIS & CAD Integrations

Integrate our imagery with off-the-shelf GIS and CAD applications, including ArcGIS, Google Earth, QGIS, and AutoCAD, using Nearmap WMS and WMTS. Or, access Nearmap imagery via our Tile and Image APIs for bespoke app integrations.