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Captured 05/05/2018
Sydney, NSW

Get the context you need for decisions that impact entire cities

Visualise your urban planning, engineering, transport, emergency response, and telco plans with current reality models. With regularly refreshed textured mesh and DSM datasets of Australia’s major cities, you can conduct sophisticated scenario planning, engage your community, accurately predict costs, and view change over the duration of multi-year projects.  
Captured 10/10/2018
Melbourne, VIC

Consistently high-res, across the nation

Our 3D data sets are consistently constructed at 15cm GSD across the urban areas that house 58% of Australia’s population.
Captured 14/12/2017
Perth, WA

Confidently analyse what’s really on the ground

Our photo-realistic 3D is geometrically accurate, so you can make precise measurements and view important contextual details like surface textures; corners, ledges, and other building extrusions; and complex terrain features.
Captured 03/10/2017
Adelaide, SA

Refreshed regularly, so you’re always current

Updated annually. Work with the latest intelligence, and avoid guesswork.
Captured 7/03/2018
Canberra, ACT

Use it now — no extended waiting periods

With an efficient 3D reconstruction process that delivers at scale, you’re working with 3D in no time. 

Compatible with leading vendor formats

Tested for compatibility with Cesium, Esri, and Bentley platforms.
Captured 03/10/2017
Adelaide, SA

Virtual, not manipulated

A fully automated 3D processing pipeline means we retain the credibility of reality captured — no retouching.

Nearmap 3D Facts & Figures

For additional information, including full technical specifications, download the Nearmap 3D product brief.

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Round out your geospatial datasets with our original Vertical layer

Augment your location intelligence with high resolution, frequently updated orthogonal imagery of 88% of Australia’s population. 
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Captured 05/05/2018
Sydney, NSW

Join the mapping evolution

Up your aerial game and start working with high-res, current imagery of your work sites and properties. Get the advantage of premium geospatial content combined with world-class mapping software and integrations. 

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