Arc Infrastructure needed to expand visibility into a wide range of assets

As the only network in the southern half of WA, it provides vital access to the eastern states and overseas markets through the region’s six government-owned ports.

Nearmap’s outstanding, high resolution, browser-based imagery enabled us to dramatically increase asset management efficiency, improve data accuracy, and reduce site visits. It has streamlined our emergency response capability by providing precise locational co-ordinates and site information.
Graeme Stickland, Rail Technology Manager

Arc required precise, up-to-date location data to supply maintenance crews with clear directions to remote sites

Arc Infrastructure streamlined incident response by supporting maintenance crews and emergency services with precise location coordinates and site information, enabling them to reach even remote locations faster, safely and better situationally prepared. Nearmap’s comprehensive suite of accurate measurement tools allowed Arc to reduce site survey costs, and improve planning and budgeting efficiency for capital works and maintenance programs.
The Challenge at a glance

Arc Infrastructure used satellite imagery, but the low resolution photographs didn't provide the clarity for confident asset identification

  • Expand visibility into the operational status and material condition of a wide range of on-the-ground assets
  • Provide maintenance crews and emergency services with precise location data to cut response times
  • Reduce costs by enabling precise remote measurement capability and identification of material requirements to support critical maintenance and capital investment programs
The solution at a glance

Arc Infrastructure can now identify and tag its trackside assets, and communicate this intelligence back to train control

  • Improved asset management efficiency by using Nearmap’s visual analytics capability to provide insight into the material condition of a wide range of on-the-ground assets to promote safety standards, enable operational continuity, and reduce site visits
  • Optimised emergency-response effectiveness enabling maintenance crews, police, and emergency services  to reach even remote locations faster, more safely, and better situationally prepared
  • Cut site survey costs and improved planning and budgeting efficiency
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