JAG Traffic reduces 90% of unnecessary site visits with Nearmap

Using satellite imagery negatively affected the company image and wasted significant travel time and costs for site visits, particularly for jobs in remote areas.

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We replaced Google Maps with Nearmap because of its frequently updated aerial images, giving us confidence that the solution meets our needs and supports future growth. No other vendors could offer the same capability as Nearmap in the market.
Corey Nicholas, Commercial Manager and Part-owner

JAG Traffic’s number-one priority is to ensure their staff and clients’ safety and deliver efficient and reliable services

Before Nearmap, planners used Google Maps to develop traffic plans but realised the ground condition was different from the imagery during site inspection, for example, Google imagery showing an intersection which is actually a roundabout. Planners had to travel back to the sites multiple times and reassess the actual site conditions. With over 100 projects across the state, this significantly increased JAG Traffic’s monthly travelling costs. It also delayed the turnaround time to submit plans to customers.
The Challenge at a glance

Streamline the process to design the right traffic plan

  • To design the right traffic plan, up to 100 each month, planners needed to travel to work sites to gather information such as road geometry and quality, speed zone, or site constraints.
  • JAG often has rapid turnaround requirements, such as highway emergency situations.
The Solution at a glance

Since acquiring Nearmap, JAG Traffic can simply log in and view updated images for project locations from the office

  • Increased productivity by 30% and saved time to develop each project plan.
  • By enabling planners to instantly access updated imagery via mobile device while they are offsite, Nearmap helps them quickly prepare new quotes in the office instead of travelling to work sites.
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