NRG Solar slashes site visits and boosts conversions

National Renewable Group saves 25 hours a week on site visits and minimises materials wastage with Nearmap

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Nearmap is a no brainer for us. Its frequently updated imagery and intuitive measurement tools helped us gain the accuracy we required for our solar business. Google Maps is simply not a serious competitor.
Darren Vonthethoff, State Sales Manager

Before Nearmap, NRG Solar had no access to reliable imagery to prepare information before site inspection

By adopting Nearmap for project planning and quotation processes, NRG Solar Services gained ability to plan and inspect locations remotely, saving at least 25 hours per week for site visits. Furthermore, the company enhanced its credibility and improved sales conversion rate by ensuring the estimate accuracy and increasing customer confidence with Nearmap’s high quality images.
The Challenge at a glance

Boost Conversion Rate, Meet Customer Expectations

  • Provide accurate and reliable estimates, such as kilowatt output, in a quote and enable sales and production teams to develop the right solar solutions for customers.
  • Improve the efficiency for site visits and enable sales consultants to focus on serving customers rather than collecting data for site conditions.
  • Recommend the most suitable solar solutions to customers and reduce wastage.
The Solution at a glance

NRG Solar Services can now conduct phone appointments with rural customers and rapidly email a presentation quotation after the call

  • Saved more than 25 hours per week on site visits.
  • Used Nearmap’s high resolution imagery and solar tool to view and measure roof size, configure panel type, and calculate energy output estimate, such as kilowatt production per year, with a desktop in an office.
  • Improved conversion rate by allowing sales team to quickly prepare and present a high-quality quotation and make instant changes to the plan during site meeting with customers.
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