Roth Plumbing cuts out the need for on-site inspections to provide quotes

The industrial roofer minimised travel time and petrol costs, improved staff safety, and increased business efficiency and accuracy

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At the time (right after Cyclone Marcia), Nearmap had already snapped current imagery to show the extent of the damage. All we needed to do was zoom into any given property, measure it, and let the customer know what the project and cost would look like.
Shane Yore, Operations Manager

Established in 1998, Roth Plumbing specialises in plumbing and roofing for residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Central QLD

Nearmap enabled Roth Plumbing to respond to clients in under 30 minutes, all from a desktop or mobile device. By freeing up staff from travel and on-site inspections, Nearmap increased Roth's capacity to respond to the influx of support enquiries, and take on more jobs than ever before.
The Challenge at a glance

Roth Plumbing would need to send at least two staff members to a property, sometimes a two-hour drive from the office

  • Accurately and efficiently provide detailed reports.
  • Allocate appropriate resources.
  • Setting up the quoting process.
  • Free up staff schedules to secure and complete more work.
The Solution at a glance

Reduced what used to take four hours to 30 minutes, boosting Roth Plumbing’s productivity

  • Eliminated the need to make site visit, enabling the estimation team to retrieve information to quote jobs from a desktop or mobile device in minutes.
  • Take on more jobs and save on travel and resource costs.
  • Improved occupational safety, particularly in disaster situations as staff not required to climb roofs.
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Captured 23/02/2018
Yeppoon, QLD

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