Founded in 1979, Tasty Fresh Food is a mobile cafe for workplaces

Tasty Fresh Food uses Nearmap’s aerial imagery to create better targeted and efficient routes, and to drive the company’s national expansion for rapid growth

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We don’t need to send someone out on the field every time we want to look for new areas to add stops to a route. All the information that once took us days to collect can now be found on Nearmap within minutes.
Doug Newnham, IT Manager

As Tasty looked to grow, it could no longer rely on Google Maps to identify new business opportunities in developing areas

Nearmap became a critical tool for the company’s expansion into Sydney, providing better insight into specific locations and freeing up time for managers to focus on growing the business.
The Challenge at a glance

Tasty knew that sending managers to view potential locations was inefficient

  • Quickly and accurately locating new hot spots to grow Tasty Fresh Food sales.
  • Respond to rapidly changing job sites to ensure routes are targeted and efficient.
  • Maximise Sydney expansion with limited on the ground staff available.
The solution at a glance

With the help of Nearmap, Tasty's expansion into Sydney was the fastest the company had experienced in its 36-year history

  • Reduced the need to make physical site visits and saved the business development team 25-30 percent of time in their average work day.
  • Provided a clear, holistic view ensuring routes are more targeted and efficient, to maximise sales.
  • Access to Nearmap imagery from any device supported rapid business expansion.
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