Yarra Valley Water settles disputes in minutes

Melbourne’s water utility cuts site visits by 20 percent, and gets substantial annual savings with high-res aerial imagery

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We used the timeline to view an image of the property pre-dating the maintenance works, and, by zooming down, were able to see clearly that the cracks were already there. It was then just a matter of going to see the property owner, showing him the photo, and the dispute was over.
Alberto Vela, Manager of Contract and Procurement

Yarra Valley Water is the largest of Melbourne’s water corporations, providing water and sewerage services to 1.8 million people and 50,000 businesses

Yarra Valley Water deployed Nearmap for its field maintenance division and settled disputes faster. It minimised revenue lost through compensation payouts, and eliminated a range of travel and inspection costs. By using Nearmap's comprehensive historical imagery archive, Yarra is also better equipped to monitor and maintain its extensive infrastructure
The Challenge at a glance

Yarra Valley Water required a solution to help improve its process for resolving customer disputes efficiently

  • Yarra needed a faster, more effective means of resolving disputes, such as potential billing discrepancies or compensation for third-party property damage
  • Enable remote inspection and monitoring of water and sewerage infrastructure to minimise physical site inspections and time-consuming property audits
  • Provide timely survey data for new residential-estate developments
  • Wanted to view proposed property boundaries and changing landscape features, to enhance infrastructure planning and pipe alignment, optimise project costs, and reduce disruption to customers
The Solution at a glance

Yarra Valley Water can now determine the accuracy of competing claims and resolve issues in minutes

  • Achieved fast claims resolution, reduced compensation payouts, and ensured substantial yearly cost savings
  • Saved project managers and planners many hours of travel time and transport costs
  • Minimised billing-dispute investigation costs
  • Streamlined investigations related to pipe assessment and meter replacement and reduced lost revenue through the use of detailed historical imagery of water-usage activities
  • Improved ability to monitor and respond to change across 9,000 km of water mains by using Nearmap’s distance and area measurement tools to simplify planning and ensure precise pipe alignment
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