Customer Testimonials

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“Nearmap’s outstanding, high-resolution, browser-based PhotoMaps imagery enabled us to dramatically increase asset-management efficiency, improve data accuracy, and reduce site visits. It has streamlined our emergency response capability by providing precise locational coordinates and site information, cut site survey costs, and improved planning for capital-works and maintenance programs.”

Graeme Stickland | Rail Technology Manager | Brookfield Rail

"Nearmap is a great underwriting tool that allows us to make more informed decisions due to its ability to view a current and historical image of the property.  This reduces our chance of insuring properties that we would consider an unacceptable risk and allows us to apply specific conditions and charge an appropriate premium for risks we decide to insure."

Andrew Monsif | Acting Senior Manager, Business Planning & Practice, General Insurance | BT Financial Group

’s zero user-training requirement means that it can be used by almost everyone in our organisation, from engineers, planners, and environmental scientists to landscape architects. Its high frequency capture allows us to use it to detect change, and monitor the progress of infrastructure development. It has become a core part of our operations."

Amy Steiger | Senior GIS Analyst | Cardno

“Nearmap allows us to quickly and accurately verify if there are solar panels on the roof or not, and whether the system being applied for matches the installation we can see in the Nearmap image.”

Matthew Power | Senior Manager, Scheme Settings and Coordination | Clean Energy Regulator

Before Nearmap we were doing a lot of driving, a lot of printing poor resolution Google Maps images, and a lot of bad drawing. Now we just jump online. We certainly wouldn’t recommend Nearmap to our competitors, but to anyone else we’d say ‘go for it’."

Carl Edmondson | Sales Manager | Envirogroup

“Nearmap enables us to monitor unauthorised activities at a particular site, which, in the past, would have been a vague blur. Its high resolution images allow us to identify the type and extent of the activity, and provide the evidence needed to support further investigation.”

Shellie Humphries | Senior Environment Protection Officer at IDU | Environment Protection Authority

“The benefit of Nearmap is that, when we’re creating detailed planning-permit applications, we can get critical information about the site by going back there, virtually, as many times as we need to.”

Steve Schutt | Landscape Architect and Company Director | hansen partnership

"Nearmap is the only solution that offers frequently updated aerial imagery and meets our business requirements. We increased productivity by 30%, slashed 90% unnecessary site visits, reduced significant travel costs, and enhanced our competitive edge."

Corey Nicholas | Commercial Manager and part Owner | Jag Traffic Pty., Ltd.

“We generated an overview based entirely on Nearmap imagery, and overlaid this with information provided by the suite of online tools to form a proposal, which we emailed to the client. The client was then able to do a desktop analysis, put together some budgets, and make an immediate decision. From our end, we had complete confidence in the information provided by Nearmap, which saved us the cost of having to fly people down to Adelaide. Overall, it was a very compact, easy and efficient solution, with the whole process taking a matter of hours.”

Richard Sheppard | Managing Director | National Height Safety and Access Solutions

is a far better resource than the images we used to use. It’s clear, accurate, current, and, being browser-based, never more than a click away. I can be in Dandenong and Docklands – and anywhere else in the state for that matter – all in the same day."

Luke Morrison | Project Manager | Places Victoria

“By integrating current, high-resolution, georeferenced Nearmap imagery with our core GIS and AutoCAD technologies we can rectify errors in our GIS, produce more accurate designs, and locate where our infrastructure, including power poles and streetlights, actually sits in relation to real-world objects, such as kerb lines, assets, buildings and vegetation. In fact, we use Nearmap to verify much of our data.”

Phil Southby | Senior Drafting Officer | Powercor Australia

“While Nearmap is a great asset for business growth, our on-site staff are also big advocates. Nearmap drastically cut down the number of on-site inspections, improving the safety conditions for our workers. You can’t put a price on just how significant this is - providing our staff with the safest working conditions possible is of the greatest importance.”

Shane Yore | Operations Manager | Roth Plumbing

“When I think about how we used to operate before Nearmap, I feel like I’m looking back into the dark ages. With Nearmap we’ve cut site visits to a bare minimum, saving up to half a day for each visit, and made significant productivity gains. Our budgeting and forward-planning processes are now more efficient and cost effective, and we have streamlined project management and maintenance processes.”

Oliver Roborgh | Development Manager | Sekisui House

"We love Nearmap, it is a fantastic tool for us to check out sites anywhere in metro areas Australia wide – a typical project maybe 4 to 5 hours’ drive away and Nearmap saves us having to travel there to measure the site square metre area for calculating rain intensity or distance to the nearest stormwater discharge point – our clients also love it when we come back so quickly, rather than waiting days or weeks for us to travel to site."

John Lovett |  Operations Manager | Spel Environmental Integrated Water Solutions

“Having access to up to date imagery at our fingertips means we can be on the lookout all the time. We don’t need to send someone out on the field every time we want to look for new areas to add stops to a route. All the information that once took us days to collect, can now be found on Nearmap, within minutes. And with the images being so clear and current, we have the confidence that our assessments will be accurate."

Doug Newnham | IT Manager | Tasty Trucks

“Nearmap gives us fast, easy access to detailed current and historic visual information that enables us to resolve billing disputes and damage claims in minutes, increasing customer satisfaction. It also achieves substantial annual savings by enabling us to manage customer disputes quickly and efficiently, as well as improving asset management and cutting site visits by 20%.”

Alberto Vela | Contracts and Procurement Manager | Yarra Valley Water 

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